The truth about headaches, and WHY you keep having them

Sana Gilani 02:19 PM | 3 Oct, 2016
The truth about headaches, and WHY you keep having them
One of the most common reasons for people seeing their doctors regularly: headaches.

There are different reasons for headaches, and different types of headaches. Most headaches are not serious and can be easily treated. However, if left untreated, headaches can significantly affect your ability at work and in daily life (if the migraines are regular).

Tension Headache:

Tension headaches are described as having ‘band-like’ pressure across the temples. It can also spread into the scalp and neck.

The main feature of this headache is muscle tension, which creates the pressure across the forehead.


Taking medication for any of your illnesses can also be a major cause of headaches. Often, too much medication with little food intake becomes the reason for head pain.


Not having breakfast, lunch or dinner on time, starving throughout the day while working on a computer screen, or not having enough energy to continue work may be reasons for the head ache to trigger. Proper care needs to be taken of the body to prevent from headaches.


Too much caffeine can also give you a migraine, leading to headaches more often. Switch your daily intake of coffee with green tea or warm water with honey. If you're a coffee person, have less cups of coffee in a day. Reduce the intake of caffeine to get rid of headaches.

Medication overuse:

Taking an overdose of medication may also result in headaches. Have the minimum required to keep your illness away.

Hormonal headaches:

Women appear to have more headaches during their menstruation period, or during menopause. Hormonal activity inside the body is changing, which results in 'hormonal' headaches.

Mental Health:

Do you have anxiety or depression? Check out your symptoms for both. Many people do not know the existence of mental diseases in their minds. It's important to get physical and mental checkups regularly.


Passive smoking can also be a reason for headaches. Sitting in a room full of smoke, drugs, or any other unnecessary air pollutants that you are not used to may result in 'environmentally affected headaches'.

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Rupee gains massive recovery against US dollar after SBP relaxes rules for banks

KARACHI – The Pakistani rupee experienced a significant surge in its value in the open market against the dollar.

This surge came after a recent directive from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), allowing banks to purchase dollars at the interbank market rate for international card payments. The objective of this move was to narrow the exchange rate gap between the official and informal markets.

According to the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, the currency market witnessed the dollar being traded at Rs298, compared to its previous day’s closing rate of 311.

The SBP’s decision was influenced by the International Monetary Fund’s demand for Pakistan to stabilize its currency market before resuming a $6.5 billion bailout program.

In a circular, the central bank stated, “In response to the feedback received from various stakeholders, Authorized Dealers are now permitted to buy USD from the Interbank market to settle card-based cross border transactions with international payment schemes (IPS).”

Market analysts had predicted a decline in the value of the rupee following the implementation of these new guidelines.

Zafar Paracha, the General Secretary of the ECAP, expressed that the SBP’s decision was timely and appropriate. He anticipated that it would lead to a decrease of 20 to 25 rupees in the open market currency rate. Paracha also noted that aligning the rates in the official and informal markets would bolster remittance inflows.

Pracha further emphasized that significant disparities in rates between the official and informal markets encourage transactions outside of the official banking system.

Today's gold rates in Pakistan – June 1, 2023

KARACHI – The price of a single tola of 24-karat gold in Pakistan is Rs 229,000 on Thursday. The price of 10 grams of 24k gold was recorded at Rs197,620.   

Likewise, 10 grams of 22k gold were being traded for Rs181,150 while a single tola of 22-karat gold was being sold at Rs 211,290.

Note: The gold rate in Pakistan is fluctuating according to the international market so the price is never been fixed. The below rates are provided by local gold markets and Sarafa Markets of different cities.

City Gold Silver
Lahore PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Karachi PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Islamabad PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Peshawar PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Quetta PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Sialkot PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Attock PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Gujranwala PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Jehlum PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Multan PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Bahawalpur PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Gujrat PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Nawabshah PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Chakwal PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Hyderabad PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Nowshehra PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Sargodha PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Faisalabad PKR 229,000 PKR 2125
Mirpur PKR 229,000 PKR 2125


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