A Biryani recipe using lentils infuriates Twitter

12:09 PM | 3 Oct, 2020
A Biryani recipe using lentils infuriates Twitter

When you are a big foodie, there are multiple dishes that can make your mouth water, but nothing beats the oh-so-satisfying taste of Biryani! 

Packed with numerous spices and diverse flavours, Biryani is undoubtedly every desi’s favourites dish.

Recently, a trending tutorial on how to make Biryani has irked Twitter and rightfully so.

The horrendous recipe shows Biryani being made in the most absurd manner ever! 

There has always been a heated debate regarding the inclusion of potatoes in the scrumptious dish, but who on earth adds lentils to Biryani? 

After watching the recipe, people can’t stop  trolling the makers of the video and here are the best memes in reference to it: 

After receiving immense flak, the makers have now apologised and Tweeted, "We will remove the video and would like to make a #BiryaniTogether -- to all recipe developers and chefs who would like to work with us on a traditional recipe, please make contact with us and let’s do it #together.”

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