Corruption is the biggest issue of Sindh: Imran

08:41 PM | 3 Sep, 2015
Corruption is the biggest issue of Sindh: Imran
SHIKARPUR (Web Desk) - PTI Chairman Imran Khan said Thursday that corruption is the biggest issue of Sindh and that the people of the province want to see change.

Addressing workers and supporters in Shikarpur, he said that Sindh is looted through corruption and palaces are bought in Dubai.

He said, “If the real devolution of power happens in Sindh, it will empower people and bring change in the lives of the poor.”

“Funds are not transferred to grass root levels in the province and looting and plundering is happening at the top level,” he said, adding: “We stand with the suffering of the farmers of Sindh and I will fight for their rights.”

He said that this year only Allah saved the province from floods and the provincial government had no plans to embank rivers or prevent flood losses.

He added, “I allow rangers to nab the corrupt elements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa too if they find any.”

He said, “The purpose of this visit is to prepare for Local Body elections and InshaAllah we will create history here.”

According to PTI leader Dr. Arif Alvi important political personalities of Sindh are going to join PTI.

A large group of workers and supporters of PTI reached Sukkur airport earlier to welcome the PTI chairman.

In a true cultural style, the people showered Imran Khan's car with petals to welcome the leadership in Shikarpur.

Upon his arrival at Shikarpur, Khan held a meeting with Iftikhar Soomro at Soomro House.