"If your self respect is being abused, walk away", says Danyal Zafar

01:06 PM | 3 Sep, 2019

LAHORE - Ali Zafar's youngest brother, Danyal Zafar has been a part of the Pakistani music industry for quite some time and he’s no doubt a superstar of our industry be it singing or his brilliant acting skills.

Danyal’s recent Instagram post is a little different and sheds on relationships and also revealed the 8 steps and asked people to tag whoever they wanted this post to reach out to. We’re not sure but this post could be a way of shedding light at Danyal’s and Momina Mustehsan’s relationship the two never confirmed this news but they were often seen together and now they’re nowhere.

Danyal also stated how one must realise their respect and worth and as soon as they realize something is wrong they should just walk out. He further even stated how he had come out of a 2 and a half heartbreaks and that life doesn’t stop.

Have a look:

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“being single”... what a ‘boring’ thought at first for so many, isn’t it? 2019, we’re on apps like Instagram, where everyday we’re scrolling and crushing on one person after the next and then the next and so on. We’re seeing all those ‘cute couple’ posts and quotes that depict how amazing it is to be with someone in a relationship (not saying it isn’t nor taking anything away from them), but unknowingly we’re just being a prey to this idea that if that’s not us, we’re missing out on something. Or we’re not doing it right. We’re not ‘living’ life, or ‘having fun’. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Chill. Some of y’all are actually 15,16 y’all need to chiiilllll. Take it from me. Here I am. 2 and a half heartbreaks later. I realised it the hard way that you don’t always marry your high school crush, nor a college one for that matter. Life wasn’t a fairytale for me when it came to that. I look back to when I was 15,16 or 18, heck even 20 and I’m like damn I was a stupid kid. But I get it, y’all think you’re the shit rn and that’s fine it’s just your age but what I’m trynna say is, it’s wrong to grow up with this idea that you need ‘someone’ to be complete. You don’t. I’ve seen so many people literally crave relationships, hell, I’ve been one of them at one point too and now I look back and I’m like akh-thoo. It’s so funny at times, I’ve seen people crave relationships when they’re single, and when they’re finally in one they wanna be single lmao. What do you think that means? It means you don’t know what you want. And when you don’t, you take time for yourself. You take some time alone. You spend time with yourself. Understanding yourself. Knowing yourself. Man I swear some of y’all haven’t even glanced inside your own selves! Y’all just wanna jump onto the next person and fill that void. For once, let your OWN self fill that void, and I promise you, you will become a force stronger than ever. Don’t confuse ‘being by yourself’ with ‘being lonely’. They’re not the same. I am by myself, but I am not alone. I have my friends, my family, and I have my goals and dreams to work towards and look forward to, and I’ve never been more focused and happier. Try it. 💫

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So I just posted the longest story known to mankind on toxic relationships (just a snippet tho lmao). Conclusion was 8 steps: 1. Realise your worth and self respect. If it is being abused, walk away. . . 2. Accept that you will miss them for a while (it’s normal and it’s ok to, because you were so attached), but don’t fall weak and go back. . . 3. Block them and cut them off from everywhere. Negative energies need to be completely blacked out for positivity to strive. . . 4. Focus on your purpose, ambition and work and use it to distract yourself and let it take up most of your time. . . 5. Stay around friends and family mostly. If you can’t, spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself. Learn to be happy and content with your own company. Learn to love yourself. If you can’t, how can you love someone else or be content with someone else. . . 6. Don’t jump onto the next person or seek a replacement or another relationship (or a rebound). Quit finding answers in others. Seek within. . . 7. Be by yourself for a while to let yourself grow, learn, absorb, mature, evolve and build perspective. . . . 8. Be thankful for whatever experience you’ve had. Whether good or bad or toxic. They only teach you. Everyone who steps into your life has a purpose. To teach you. So learn from your experiences, or keep crying about them. The choice is yours. . . . (Only those who want an even more detailed understanding, go check out my story) Tag someone you feel needs to hear this.

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Earlier Danyal Zafar released his song Ek Aur Ek 3 featuring Hania Amir and well this was an excellent song and something really different then what we’ve been hearing, in fact, the song hit 3 million-plus likes.

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