Four Lahore girls, who went missing, say they ‘escape to get education’

02:14 PM | 4 Aug, 2021
Four Lahore girls, who went missing, say they ‘escape to get education’

LAHORE – Four sisters, who mysteriously went missing from their home, found safe and sound in provincial capital, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Ayesha Butt revealed.

The senior officials cop while quoting the girls said they left the house after having an argument with their parents. Adding that, a police team located them within a few hours via modern-day technology.

Reports cited that the girls named Anum, 10, Kinza 11, Ayesha, 8, and Samreen, 14 said that they were not abducted but switched off their cell phones for fear of getting into trouble with their parents while police officials managed to track them as soon as one of their mobile phones was rebooted.

However, police sources claimed that the girls escaped in wake of the domestic violence, the girl’s father is a drug addict who divorced his two wives.

Police sources revealed that a rickshaw driver named Arsalan, a resident of Green Town, tricked the girls and drove them around the city for three or four hours, and then take them to his residence near Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate.

Police, who apprehend the driver along with his accomplice, said the accused planned to sell the girls for sex slavery. All four girls will undergo a medical checkup before handing over to the family. At least six people have been arrested including two women.

Punjab IGP also commended the force for finding the missing girls. "The four missing girls have been traced by Punjab Police. Right now they are in our safe custody and very soon we will take them to their families in sha Allah. It is our duty to provide security to our kids", he wrote on his official handle. 

Earlier, the father of the siblings expressed suspicions that their daughters were abducted by unidentified persons. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also ordered officials to recovered the girls at the earliest.