Pakistani cop halts traffic for a turtle (VIDEO)

05:10 PM | 4 Dec, 2020
Pakistani cop halts traffic for a turtle (VIDEO)

A traffic warden in eastern Punjab province has earned massive respect on social media for his care for animals.

A video, making rounds on the internet lately, shows the police officer bringing the traffic in a Punjab city to a halt so that a turtle could cross the road.

The warden, who is believed to be posted in Rawalpindi, can be seen signalling the vehicles to stop and wait till the slow ‘pedestrian’ reaches the other side.

Since the video was uploaded by an Instagram page, netizens have been showering praise on the cop for his love for animals.

Turtles are usually on the move when the weather gets warm but sometimes, they are left stranded on a road or a highway. If hit, and their shells are damaged or crushed, they can still stay alive for days but it is excruciatingly agonizing and painful for the four-legged creature that is known for its slow speed and long age.

An accident involving turtles can also be fatal for the drivers.