Govt decides to remove Pak Ambassador to US Ali Jahangir Siddiqui

10:24 AM | 4 Oct, 2018
Govt decides to remove Pak Ambassador to US Ali Jahangir Siddiqui
ISLAMABAD -  Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry confirmed on Wednesday that the government had decided to remove Pakistan Ambassador to the United States, Ali Jahangir Siddiqui.

During a meeting with journalists, the minister said that Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Canada, Tariq Azeem would also be replaced as both the diplomats were appointed on political grounds by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government.

'I think both of them should give their resignation voluntarily. Otherwise, we will pull them back,' he clarified.

The lawmaker expressed that the repatriation of former finance minister Ishaq Dar will be the first drop of rain as efforts were being made to bring him to the country so that he could face justice.

Responding to a question whether Nawaz Sharif has been released under any deal with the Saudi government, the minister rejected the assumption that the Saudi government had promised $10 billion to Pakistan with the condition of Sharif’s release.

'Those who know Imran Khan cannot ask such questions because he is a man who cannot make such deals even if he is offered $50bn financial support,' he said with confidence.

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The lawmaker said the nation’s wealth stashed in foreign countries would be recovered and the process would start from the corrupt rulers.

'According to Ishaq Dar, who always tells lies, over $220bn properties and bank accounts of Pakistanis have been traced in different countries,' he added.

The minister said 165 big tax defaulters had been detected and a stern action would be taken against them if they did not bring themselves under the tax net.

The minister said that although Saudi Arabia would invest in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, it would not become a strategic partner of Pakistan or a part of the Joint Working Group or Joint Coordination Committee.

Mr Chaudhry refuted the perception that Pakistan had not taken China into confidence regarding third-party investment by Saudi Arabia.

'Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has also been apprised of Saudi investment during his recent visit to Pakistan,' he added.

On the occasion, Prime Minister’s Adviser Arbab Shah­zad said development schemes which were launched on political motivation would be terminated and those which were beneficial for the country would continue.

On the issue of bureaucracy, he said the prime minister had issued instructions that the bureaucracy would not be harassed, but hastened to add that the officials who did not perform their duties would be held accountable.