Shaniera Akram laments the constant garbage dumping on Karachi beach

12:30 PM | 5 Oct, 2020
Shaniera Akram laments the constant garbage dumping on Karachi beach

Earlier this year, activist Shaniera Akram joined hands with volunteers and the Sindh Government to clean up the nasty medical waste that had been dumped at Karachi's Sea View beach. And while it looked like a gruelling task, they had managed to get rid of all the rubbish.

But now it seems like we’re back to square one.

Akram has once again taken to Twitter to draw attention towards the excessive amount of litter dumped on Karachi beach.

Sharing a daunting image of the Clifton beach loaded with garbage, Shaniera said "I’m sick of this. We clean the beach, again and again, only to have the city’s garbage dumped in our sea & sewerage lines, which eventually washes up on our shore.”

"I will not even be going to the beach anymore. I’ve had enough. This is an embarrassment to our country. We should be ashamed,” she added with immense disappointment.

She further shared how Pakistani’s take pride in everything they do, but the current situation is an embarrassment for the nation.

“We take pride in everything, our families, neighbours, friends, offices, homes, gardens, etc., however, the situation in Karachi is sad, to say the least.”

"All I see is rubbish & people breaking the law. Shops with piles of rubbish, sewerage tankers offloading in the ocean, Housing blocks looking like they are falling apart because no one wants to paint or fix them. There is no pride anymore Karachi," concluded Akram.

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