'Are You Enjoying?' Mira Sethi’s debut novel is on Vogue’s Most Anticipated List Of 2021

05:58 PM | 6 Jan, 2021
'Are You Enjoying?' Mira Sethi’s debut novel is on Vogue’s Most Anticipated List Of 2021

Mira Sethi’s upcoming debut novel has made it to the list of 2021’s most anticipated books, co-compiled by Refinery29 and Vogue Magazine.

An impressive resume for the youngest Sethi, Mira has worked in journalism, TV, theatre and online hosting.

'Are You Enjoying?' is all set to hit the shelves in April 2021.

The 34-year-old actress has been actively sharing glimpses of her upcoming book Are You Enjoying? on social media. 

The Yeh Dil Mera star shared an Instagram post back in September 2020, claimed that her book would explore all the dimensions we associate with the glamour world. Set against high-stakes worlds of television and politics, the book reveals the mundane reality of society:

"It is a collection of wryly observed, deeply revealing stories that look at life in Pakistan with humour, compassion, psychological acuity, and emotional immediacy."

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The senior editor at Vogue, Chloe Schama said Sethi's novel is "a powerful book with a light touch, marking the arrival of an assured storyteller."

She further added, "The stories that make up Mira Sethi’s debut collection are set in Pakistan, but that is about where the similarities among her protagonists end: A young actress negotiates power dynamics on and off the set; a divorced man strikes up an affair with his diplomat neighbour. A portrait of a diverse and varied country told through the emotions and exploits of her characters."

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