5 stunning lakes in Pakistan that will leave you bewitched

10:55 AM | 6 Mar, 2017
5 stunning lakes in Pakistan that will leave you bewitched
LAHORE - Pakistan has been blessed by Mother Nature with various different gifts. Be it the mighty mountain ranges or the widely stretched coastal area, the dry, sandy deserts to the fresh water flowing in the form of rivers and lakes, Pakistan has got it all.

The country’s natural beauty attracts a large number of inbound tourists each year. Amongst the various landscapes that the country has to offer, lakes attract a large chunk of tourists. Not only do they offer a chance to carry out extreme sports excursions such as fishing, canoeing, rafting etc, but they also help in unwinding all the pent up stress because of the soothing nature of water.

If you are among those people who like to explore the beauty which lakes have to offer, then this article by Jovago Pakistan is a must read for you as it is dedicated to five stunning lakes in Pakistan that are guaranteed to blow you away.

Mahodand Lake

Situated in the Usho Valley of Swat District, Mahodand lake is a recent addition to the emerging tourist destinations and is therefore not brimming with tourists. Hence, it provides the perfect spot where you spend some quality time with one’s own self. Moreover, at Mahodand lake you can unleash your free side by indulging in sports such as fishing, boating and rafting.

Lake Saif ul Mulook

Nicknamed as the land of fairies, lake Saif ul Mulook is a popular spot among tourists because of its sheer beauty andatmosphere. It is located at the Northern end of the Kaghan Valley.

Naltar Lakes

The stunning valley of Naltar is home to three beautiful lakes which attract a large number of tourists towards the area. Also called the Bashiri lakes, these lakes enchant passerby with their different hues of colours that range from aquamarine to azure. Due to its stunning azure colour, the Naltar three is the most visited lake out of the three Naltar lakes.

Ratti Galli Lake

Located in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, this glacial lake got its name from the dark red flowers that are spread over the surrounding peaks. The shimmering of the surface under the late afternoon sun is one view that makes it a must visit destination.

Ansoo Lake

Discovered accidentally by the armed forces, the Ansoo lake got its name from its teardrop shape. Located in the heart of Kaghan Valley, it is considered to be one of the highest lakes in the Himalayas due to its altitude. If you have information on any other lake in Pakistan that provides picturesque views to their visitors, then do share it with us in the comments section below.