Here are five restaurants you must try this Ramadan

02:13 PM | 6 May, 2019
Here are five restaurants you must try this Ramadan
LAHORE - The holy month of Ramzan is here with lots of blessings and festivities all around. While it is the time for prayers and devotion, food is another important thing to care for during Ramzan. Iftar time is like a feast at every home, and to add more flavours and time saving, sometimes you may want to head out to eat.

Here are five restaurants you must try during Ramada 2019.

Myst Cafe

Myst Cafe serves Bohemian style food and liquid Nitrogen chilled drinks in a classy and glamorous ambience. In this heated up weather, you will feel refreshed after an evening out at Myst Cafe.

Cafe Zouk

Despite the odds, the restaurant is still a hot favourite among the food loving Lahoris, while almost all its competitors from the 1990s, have succumbed to the test of time.

Bistro 2o1

Enjoy some outdoor time with your family at Bistro 201. The extensive menu is truly a treat.


Yum is the ultimate favourite of Lahore when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Chinese is lighter on the stomach in this weather, and we bet that you will really enjoy your time at the restaurant.


Nandos has a unique taste that we often do not find in most restaurants in Lahore. The sauces make your tastebuds feel like they could explode!

Enjoy delicious meals in Ramadan!