Suhail Asghar requests for prayers ahead of stomach surgery

Fans were quick to respond with best wishes and prayers.

04:26 PM | 6 May, 2020
Suhail Asghar requests for prayers ahead of stomach surgery

KARACHI - Pakistani senior actor Suhail Asghar to undergo a major stomach surgery and ahead of it, he requests his fans to pray for him.

“Today I need your prayers as I have to undergo stomach surgery tomorrow. Pray for my successful surgery and speedy recovery”, said Suhail Asghar in a social media post on Monday. Sharing a photo showing him bedridden in hospital robes, the veteran actor said, “Fans, friends, and family. Allah Almighty is with me always. I strongly believe in miracles. I believe in the power of LOVE and PRAYERS …”.

Suhail Asghar was born in Lahore and completed his education there, after which he became part of Radio Pakistan. From 1978 to 1988, Sohail Asghar worked as a radio jockey for 10 years, after which he started acting in theatre plays. He has acted in dramas like ‘Laag’, ‘Piyas’, ‘Chand Girhan’ and ‘Kajal Ghar’ in his career.

He made his debut in the cinema industry in 2003 with the film ‘Murad’. In 2004, another of his films ‘Mah e Noor’ released and Sohail Asghar’s performance in it was also highly appreciated.

Here, wishing the star speedy recovery and healthy life ahead, Ameen.