Foodies, what do you prefer with your favorite dish?

03:00 PM | 6 Sep, 2017
Foodies, what do you prefer with your favorite dish?
What beverage goes best with Karachi's Biryani, Lahore's Karahi Gosht or Peshawar's Chapli Kebabs?

Food is a huge part of Pakistan’s culture, with restaurants becoming a big part of any vacation or weekend road trip. Wherever you go, you’ll find plenty of options, but what beverages you take with your meal is also central to your choice of food.

Apart from that, food has also been a reason of pride for Pakistanis and the debate of which city’s food is the best has been at the heart of inter-city interactions.

Be it trying out a new restaurant or a new city scape, the talk of which city’s famous dish is the best in the country always pops up, and all the foodies tend to be very passionate about selling their city’s best dish that’s famous across Pakistan.

However, though it ostensibly does generate a competition and debate over the food, there must be a point where all foodies can agree and unify! With everything foodies eat, they prefer to have a cold drink as well.

We figured, why not give this argument a rest and unify foodies of Pakistan with the agreement: whichever city’s food is best, it tastes better with chilled 7UP. This is what all foodies can agree on.

People who don’t have established ideas about food and drink pairings might try out 7Up’s claim and grow accustomed to having it with different foods.

7UP has always been the advocate of good food and the cultural bond that Pakistanis share with food.

For the past 5 years, 7UP has identified the passion of foodies that resonates in the heart of almost every Pakistani and made it cause for celebration of desi food.

Apart from beverages and food, music has always been part of our culture. Celebrating food with music just completes our experience.

7Up's addictive jingle, Mana Lo Food ka Love with 7UP, year after year has become the anthem for every foodie around Pakistan. Year after year we have further strengthened this love story between 7up and food and given the foodies a reason to celebrate it

Also, this year, it is the first ever Shazam-able campaign in Pakistan, where you can Shazam the addictive 7UP jingle and win exclusive 7up merchandise.

We hope the foodies in Pakistan love our campaign and celebrate the love for food!