Shaniera Akram, George Fulton had a great time making samosas

02:36 PM | 7 Dec, 2018
Shaniera Akram, George Fulton had a great time making samosas
KARACHI - George Fulton, a well-known British-Pakistani television journalist and Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram are entertaining the audience with a fun-filled web show.

The duo has recently launched a new series which shows how these foreigners are enjoying learning all about culture, language, food of Pakistan.

Shaniera had shared behind the camera fun moments with George on her official Instagram account.

In a recent episode of Battle of Pakistani Gora's series both the foreigners are seen making samosas. George and Shaniera are taught by an unidentified samosa maestro before trying their hands at making samosas. But we have to wait till the video gets released to find out who won the challenge -- the British Pakistani or Australian Pakistani.

The video is also being uploaded on the YouTube channel, Desi George.

While having a talk with media, Shaniera Akram shared the idea of series saying, "George and I have been friends for a few years now and we often discussed life in Pakistan and how much we love it. The people, language, food and of course the hospitality."

She further added, "We loved having a laugh together about how we have adapted to the ways of life here in Pakistan and how some things are different back home. So one day we thought it would be fun to translate that on to the screen and so we did."

In their last video, the duo was seen playing a game to identify vegetables by their Urdu names.

"Both of us have had amazing journeys here and we thought it was the right time to get together and have a laugh about our experience," said Shaniera and George in their latest video.