Afghan Forces hold control of Kunduz square

08:05 PM | 7 Oct, 2015
Afghan Forces hold control of Kunduz square
KABUL (Web Desk) - Afghani troops with the help of United States (US) regain the control of Kunduz from Taliban on Wednesday.

Afghan force retake the control of Kunduz city. Troops started the operation after, a strategic northern city briefly seized by Taliban insurgents last week that has been the scene of intense fighting, Dawn News reported.

“Afghan forces have control of Kunduz city, however some scattered elements of the enemy are still hiding in the residential areas inside people’s houses,” deputy spokesman Zafar Hashemi said.

Earlier, American President Barack Obama said he foresee a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding the deadly bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan that killed 19 and left several injured.

According to details, Obama asked the U.S. Defense Department to keep him informed about the full investigation about the sad incident.

President added that he will wait for the final results of investigation before making a judgment about what to do about the incident.

He said it is not exactly clear who bombed the hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz. The group has said all indications point to the U.S.-led international coalition. Afghan forces backed by U.S. airstrikes have been battling the Taliban in Kunduz.