Female journalists discuss sexism that persists in Pakistan's media

01:57 PM | 8 Apr, 2019
Female journalists discuss sexism that persists in Pakistan's media
LAHORE - ZAB Media Festival ’19 invited women journalists to speak at the Femme Fatale: The Inner Circle of Women In Journalism panel. We must say, the discussion was one of a kind.


Manal Faheem Khan was on the panel.


Fatima Niazi joined the panel too!


Zoya Anwer Naqvi was present on the panel.


Zoha Tunio moderated the panel.


Manal spoke on the matter that is often faced by journalists, 'bullying'. When she reviewed Shaan Shahid's film, Shaan chose to post her picture on his public accounts calling her “Miss Piggy” and reviewing her instead.

Manal spoke about how journalists are bullied by actors themselves.

The women insisted that journalism does not pay, and you should only think about pursuing it if you’re passionate about it, or have a second job.

Zoya highlighted sexism within media as well, how male reporters usually treat females ones as the insignificant lot.