Sri Lanka arrests Mrs World 2020 for assaulting fellow beauty queen

06:24 PM | 8 Apr, 2021
Sri Lanka arrests Mrs World 2020 for assaulting fellow beauty queen

Amid the Sri Lankan beauty pageant's fiasco, the police has arrested the reigning Mrs World Caroline Jurie after she allegedly injured a fellow beauty queen in an on-stage bust-up.

Jurie yanked the crown off Pushpika de Silva minutes after she was declared "Mrs Sri Lanka 2020" at a Sunday gala at Colombo's Nelum Pokuna theatre.

The 28-year-old first won "Mrs Sri Lanka" and then later she crowned  "Mrs World" in a competition organised by a California-based company.

With the events unfolding at the beauty pageant, spectators were left stunned as Pushpika de Silva needed hospital treatment after the incident.

"We have arrested Jurie and (her associate) Chula Manamendra in connection with a charge of assault and causing damage to Nelum Pokuna (theatre)," senior police official Ajith Rohana said.

De Silva told reporters outside the Cinnamon Gardens police station in Colombo Thursday that she was ready to drop charges if Jurie made a public apology, but she had refused.

"I tried to end this out of court, but she has refused," de Silva said. "I can forgive, but not forget."

There was no immediate comment from Jurie or her lawyer. Police sources said a court hearing was likely next week and Jurie and her associate who crashed onto the stage on Sunday could be granted bail later Thursday.

The stage bust-up unfolded into a full-blown drama when Jurie had claimed that de Silva was divorced and therefore ineligible for the prize.

While De Silva is estranged from her husband she is still legally married, and all the contestants must be married to qualify for the title.

Organisers said they were claiming compensation from Jurie for damages to the stage and backstage dressing rooms where several mirrors had been smashed.

Further, Caroline Jurie has also been accused by organisers of bringing disrepute to the event.

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