World’s tallest sandcastle erected In Denmark

08:30 PM | 8 Jul, 2021
World’s tallest sandcastle erected In Denmark

A team of artists has contracted what is believed to be the world's tallest sandcastle, towering 69.4 feet high, in Denmark.

The group of 30 sculptors, led by Netherlands artist Wilfred Stijger, erected the decorated structure in Brokhus, using around 5,000 tons of sand. It is around three meters taller than the previous highest one built in Germany in 2019.

Stijger said that he wanted the castle to show the power of novel coronavirus has had over the world since the pandemic erupted. On top of the sandcastle, a model of the virus wearing a crown has been fixed.

Reports said that the sand mixture contained 10% clay to get a stronger hold. The castle has been coated in glue to help it hold its shape through the winter.