Palestine Israel New War, Reasons and Effects

05:04 PM | 8 Oct, 2023
Palestine Israel New War, Reasons and Effects

On the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the Palestinian organization Hamas attacked Israel. This sudden attack surprised not only Israel but the whole world. In the early morning attack on October 7, Hamas fighters tore down the iron fence in Gaza and hundreds of fighters entered the occupied Palestinian or Israeli territories.

Hamas fighters entered three Israeli villages adjacent to Gaza, and they took 54 Israeli citizens, including soldiers, hostage. Unlike in the past, Hamas's attack was so intense that according to Israeli radio, more than 100 Israelis including soldiers were killed in the attack, while the number of injured is more than 1600. Al-Qassam Brigade of Hamas has claimed to have fired more than 500 rockets at Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that Israel is in a state of war and they will win this war. Israel retaliated by targeting several buildings in Gaza, in which nearly 200 Palestinians lost their lives, while the number of injured has exceeded 2000.

As expected, this war has received a strong reaction from Israel. It is not known whether Hamas has prepared any anticipated reaction or not. However, past experiences show that Hamas or Lebanon's Hezbollah, start a war against Israel, but it is Israel that ends this war.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel has become very complex with the passage of time, its solution is not so easy. Palestinian fighters always react emotionally. But in today's world, wars cannot be fought on emotions alone The most likely possibility is that after this attack by Hamas, a new series of atrocities will begin on the Palestinians.

There is no possibility that the Palestinians and even Hamas alone will be able to defeat Israel militarily. On the other hand, Israel also has the same There is an option that he can commit blind force and bare aggression, this can temporarily suppress the Palestinians, but the hatred of the Palestinians towards Israel can be adapted into a new mould and appear again in another form or in the form of a new attack. 

Because it is not within Israel's power to destroy all the Palestinians. The abscess that the world powers have caused in the form of Israel on the existence of the United Nations now needs a complete surgery or the pain will be felt by the whole world.

If we were in a different international situation, Palestinian fighters could count on the sympathy of the global left, but America is led by neocons and globalists. They certainly don't care about the Palestinians, and that makes Israel even more so, even though they don't care much about neocon-conservative Jewish ideals either.

The Israel-Palestine conflict always flares up. Therefore, even if this war increases in intensity and duration, the Hezbollah of Lebanon and the Iranian-backed forces in war-torn Syria will not be able to separate themselves from this war, because the war against Israel brings a false spiritual satisfaction to the Muslim fighters.

The US, UK and France have declared the attack by Hamas as terrorism and have authorized Israel to act in self-defence. It is as if the major powers of the world have once again given Israel a license to kill. On the other hand, all the Muslim countries are watching the spectacle. Saudi Arabia has gone into deep meditation. 

The United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Bahrain are celebrating the honeymoon of newly established relations with Israel. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a loose statement in which he freely advised both Hamas and Israel to exercise restraint.

This sudden and unexpected attack by Hamas has worried the policymakers of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries the most, who had been planning to recognize Israel for a long time. Under this plan, Pakistan was being prepared to recognize Israel, as a result of which dreams were being shown in Pakistan with the help of Saudi investment of 25 billion dollars and Emirati investment of 20 billion dollars. It was being said that six to seven influential Muslim countries are going to recognize Israel, maybe Hamas has also got the idea of this plan and they have taken such a big step as a protest in the Muslim world. This new war in the Middle East will deal a serious blow to the efforts of Muslim countries to recognize Israel.

Some observers say that whatever the motivations of the recent conflict, the winner will be Israel and this will further limit the freedoms of the Palestinians.
Above all, the Jews will move towards their long-standing dream of building the Temple of Solomon. The construction of the third temple is a project that may lead to the final war before the end of the world. The construction of the Temple of Solomon is the dream of the Jews. They have seen for two thousand years, that the Jews have built two temples before them, which were demolished at different times.

According to the Bible, the first temple was built by Solomon in 586 BC and about 70 years later, during the rule of Babylon, this temple built on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem was destroyed. It was then rebuilt a second time in 515 BC during the reign of King Cyrus, the Jews worshipped in it for 600 years and the second temple was also destroyed in 70 AD during the reign of the Romans.

The Jews believe that they will also build a third temple at the same place. According to Jewish belief, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is being built on the site of the temple today. The right-wing Jews say that they will build a temple at the same place where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated now. They say that the construction of this temple will end the series of sacrifices of Jews around the world.

According to the belief of the Bible, the construction of the third temple will pave the way for the return of Jesus to the world. According to the prophecies of Daniel, the Jews will build another temple in Jerusalem before the return of Jesus Christ.

Now let's come back to the new war that started in Palestine and Israel, the new war will be the precursor of new difficulties for the Palestinians. But Israel will not be the complete winner of this war. It will come out in a different form in a new war in another area.


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Quetta PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Sialkot PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Attock PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Gujranwala PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Jehlum PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Multan PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
Bahawalpur PKR 217,300 PKR 2,705
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