Meet Fahad Sharif – the 22-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur

Thing Young Entrepreneur Fahad Sharif born and raised in Pakistan, is making 7-Figures a month online!

01:20 PM | 9 Dec, 2020
Meet Fahad Sharif – the 22-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur

This youthful Pakistani has gone viral on the Internet (IM community), nearly everyone needs to know how he arrived at the success he is at and what would they need to do to accomplish a comparative degree of success? With that question, we should keep in mind that nothing actually comes simple. There are consistently extreme hard times, hustles & infinite sleepless nights. What makes a difference is just that the world doesn't see the whole cycle it took him to show up at where he is today, they just realized after he reached to the top from this ground. In this manner, the motivation driving why everybody is basically losing their minds over how could a young boy gone to the top so rapidly? Here are a part of your solicitations replied and ideally this will clear up any disarray that you may have about Fahad Sharif and what he does decisively.

Who is Fahad Sharif?

Fahad Sharif (ordinarily known as Faadi) is a 22-year-old Serial Entrepreneur born and in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the Founder & CEO of UK based Digital Marketing Agency Alecto Media LLC and the head voyaging travel magazine named " Travel Mag Pakistan LTD". His story is somewhat not quite the same as the standard tycoons. He has advanced toward the top with a ton of difficult work. He didn't construct this domain of extravagant super vehicles and costly taste for the time being.

He was fearless by the troublesome circumstances that he was living in and made a decision for himself that continued to transform himself forever. He transformed into a strong partner and had confidence in himself and his dreams, which intensified so much that it pushed him forward to finally have the choice to oblige himself and make an alternate character for himself in this tough, inconvenient world.

What does He do?

Every student at the same age as Fahad has a lot of dreams and aspirations that they want to fulfil in their life but due to the huge amount of expenses that come with the choice to study abroad, it becomes very difficult for them to follow their dreams. However, Fahad Sharif was not the same as others, He achieved what he wanted to with the help of ALLAH by working on days and on sleepless nights.

Fahad as of now counsels 40+ foreign customers situated in USA, UK, CA for their business development, marketing, content techniques and adaptation of web-based media properties. He has fired up numerous new businesses in various fields to enhance his ranges of abilities and information to pick up involvement with everything. The range of abilities Fahad Sharif include Facebook Ads Expertise, Google Ads Expertise, Outsourcing Products/Services, Growing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Revenue Generating Assets, Creating/Licensing Contents for Content Creators and Publishers, Social Media Verifications, PR and Marketing Campaigns for Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Celebrities.

Fahad Sharif's Business Journey

Fahad Sharif said that "Without challenges nothing is achievable. They are the venturing stones out and about towards success. I learned through hard times and got to the conclusion that every single thing in your life happens for a reason, and everything in this world has a cost. I was at that point in life where I took some really bad decisions and invested my time, resources and energy into wrong business ventures which were never meant for me, Ultimately, subsequent to losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in setting up an endeavor about which I had no clue, I lost a fortune. By then, I remained decided and never let antagonism assume its function in my psyche"

Q: Did your parents support the decision of following your passion?

No, they didn't at first. Reason being, they needed me to be a graduate and search for a good job to get settled. While I had my own plans to pursue my passion that's the reason I did what was required the most –- Dropped out of University, Polished my skills & started my own business

There is still no stopping for Fahad Sharif and he has some beneficial plans in his vision and with his set of experiences known there is no uncertainty that he will have the option to pull it off in not so distant future. He anticipates working in enormous and giving our nation one of its own special character in the Digital Marketing Industry, this is unquestionably something we all are looking forward to

Some final words from Fahad:

So Folks, Always keep in mind that nobody is greater than ALLAH & HE is the only one PROVIDER for all of us. Have faith in HIM and give your 100% to whatever you do.

Fahad taught us that never underestimate your self, keep willing to learn more, If Fahad can do it, then anyone can do it. Try to become a better version of yourself every day, learn new skills, invest wisely, save more, donate more, stay healthy & the most important, never ever forget to be grateful to ALLAH for everything he has provided!