Susan Cain, award-winning author, on why introverts should remain as they are

06:19 PM | 9 Jun, 2016
Susan Cain, award-winning author, on why introverts should remain as they are

Getting astonishing recognition from a TED talk, Susan Cain is a 40-year old public speaker and author who co-founded the ‘Quiet Revolution’, an online personality test for introversion and extroversion, after her book ‘Quiet’ remained on the  New York times’ best sellers list for three consecutive years.


The very well researched book has many case studies which make a case for introversion to be considered a positive personality trait just like extroversion.

To make introversion empowering, one only needs to deal with it well, the book says.

To continue delivering her strong message, Cain set up a website 'Quiet Revolution' this June.

quiet site

“I thought of this site after I found out through my TED talk that there are many like me who need to peep deeper into the matter to empower their introvert selves,” stated Susan.

The revolutionary site intends to provide a platform for introverts to share their life stories, socialize with similar personality types and find expert advice to the problems unique to introverts. The site also provides a personality test for its users to find out where they stand on the line of introversion to extroversion.

The sole purpose of the campaign is to support the notion that embracing and coping with introversion well paves the way to a successful life. Two toucing stories of Jeffery Gould and Stephanie Ronald featured on the site drive this point home further.

All in all, the site gives a powerful and much-needed message: being yourself is what matters the most.