British tabloid thinks these DailyPakistan staffers are parents of giant Pakistani bowler

01:36 PM | 9 Oct, 2020

LAHORE – A gorgeous girl who is in her 20s is a mother of a 21-year-old Pakistani athlete? Would you believe it? Absolutely not! 

But reputable UK-based media outlet, DailyMail, recently published an unverified picture in a story about a giant cricketer Muddasir Gujjar showing a young lady as the mother of the sportsman and another wrong man as his father. 

Both persons who are posing for a photograph with the fast bowler happen to be staffers of Pakistan’s renowned media organization Daily Pakistan.

The girl who has been dubbed as ‘Parveen’ by the mail online is actually Aroosa Khan, who is in her mid-20s, currently working with DailyPakistan and covers stories about nature and animals, etc.

And the man is Agha Haider, 41, who covers stores related to the Auto industry for Daily Pakistan.

The only thing correct in MailOnline’s story is about the cricketing profile of Mudassir Gujjar, who stands 7ft 6ins tall, is now training to become the world's tallest cricketer.

The 21-year-old has already been picked up by his local cricket team the Lahore Qalandars and hopes to play on the world stage for Pakistan one day.