KNIGHT OF THE STABLES— Mr Abdullah Salem Obaid Mohammad Al-Kaabi

03:59 PM | 9 Oct, 2020

Abdullah Salem Obaid Mohammad Al-Kaabi is a professional horse rider. With his marvellous horse riding skills, he has attained the status of a trainee and manager in Asifah Stable. He is the perfect example of dignity and motivation. This biography will light out the important parts of his life. It will give other people the motivation they should adopt in their lives. A man with an ambition reaches his destination without any doubt. And his life can explain the true determination our generation needs. This man is living a life of his own choice right now.

He was always devoted to horses. He had the most professional and unique skills in horse riding. This talent took him to several different places. He is famous all around his city for his skills. The constant love for horses made him a hardworking person in the race of life. He took part in several competitions and accepted the challenges of his fellows and yet never failed in achieving his target. The major reason behind his success is his determination towards his goal. His accomplishments in horse riding can prove his devotion. He adopted this field as his long-lasting hobby.

And later on, his love for horses became a profession for him and he started visiting stables all around the United Arab Emirates. He really enjoyed his life in stables where he could keep an eye on the horses all the time. People really appreciated his skills when they see him performing horse riding. He competed with many of his fellows and yet never disappointed his audience. He is very passionate about his profession. And each morning he sets a new target for himself and tries his best to reach it. 

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Later on, his hard work provided him with another manager position at The Tempest 2. It is also one of the stables in UAE. He never failed in impressing people. He achieved a lot of accomplishments throughout his life. His active mind made him a great student as well as a great sportsman. His steadiness couldn’t match his age.

Based on his abilities and qualities, he chose the right profession where he cannot only earn but can also enjoy his job. At a stage where he is a powerful personality, he chose to spread his knowledge and therefore started training in different stables. 

He was a regular visitor of M7 stable and later on, he became a part of them as well. He became the Knight of M7 Stable. He is awarded this title on the basis of his qualities. He is at the age of 33 currently and is still focusing on promoting his life to a better place. His personality has never been disappointed in impressing people.

The hard work makes its own path towards success and he owns this quote. For him, each day comes with a challenge and he always learns something from his daily life. Because that is, what makes us a better person.