Maverix Digital, LCCI train businessmen to double their revenue

05:50 PM | 9 Sep, 2018
Maverix Digital, LCCI train businessmen to double their revenue
LAHORE - Maverix Digital, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) organised a training workshop on the topic of “Transform your business in the digital era and double your revenue”, here the other day.

WCCI President Falahat Imran and Maria Umar, the founder of Women’s Digital League, participated as chief guests while Munawar Abadullah, a renowned businessman from New York, gave training to the participants.

The one-day session was attended by many women entrepreneurs, business professionals, business students, as well as members of LCCI and WCCI.

This training was aimed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the problems faced by businesses and startups and how to overcome these hurdles by providing technical assistance and strengthening the capacities of the digital marketing and transformation to double your revenue.

Munawar Abadullah, the CEO and CTO ImpTrax Corporation New York, USA, delivered this productive digital training. With the help of his 22 years’ experience, research, and international market insights he educated attendees how to predict, analyze and overcome the difficulties in business and double your revenue by mastering digital marketing tools.

“Nothing can stop you from growing and becoming successful if you do consistent effort -where the whole point of doing effort is to make little by little improvements in business processes,” he told the participants.

Falahat Imran highlighted that the most difficult thing in Pakistan is to own a successful business. She endorsed the vision and effort of Maverix Digital for creating an opportunity for business professionals how to identify ease of doing business and emphasised upon the simplicity for ease of doing business through a digital platform.

Maria Umar indicated that the key problem behind the ease of doing business is not identifying the target audience and not doing comprehensive market research. She emphasised that we need a regularised framework to deal with this issue and to promote the ease of doing business digitally in this digitally transforming world.