Video of elephant playing cricket goes viral

11:59 PM | 10 May, 2021
Video of elephant playing cricket goes viral

Cricket is such a popular game these days that even elephants love to play with the bat and the ball. A new video circulating on social media nowadays has proved this fact. 

In the video, shared by English cricketer Michael Vaughan on Twitter over the weekend with the caption ‘Surely the Elephant has an English passport!!’, a man can be seen doing bowling to an elephant at an unknown place, apparently in India. Some other men are doing fielding around the mighty animal, which is holding a stick in his trunk. 

As the bowler bowls the ball, the elephant hits it hard and the ball goes flying into the air. The man does bowling to the elephant a couple of times and the elephant hits the ball most of the time. These men can be heard laughing out loudly when the elephant plays the shots.

The video has become so popular on the social media that it has been watched hundreds of thousands of times. 

There is no confirmation of the whereabouts of the video yet, but it seems to be somewhere in India.

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