Is your partner spying on you? Creepy spy apps on the rise all over the world

02:57 PM | 11 Aug, 2016
Is your partner spying on you? Creepy spy apps on the rise all over the world

LAHORE (Web Desk) - A recent undercover investigation report published by India Today has revealed that usage of secret mobile phone applications by suspicious people to spy on their partners is touching a new high these days.

According to the report, stealth spy apps are being openly sold in the markets and are effective on all platforms including Android, iOS, and BlackBerry on both online and offline formats.

Using such a software, one can easily track the location of the person carrying the phone, read text messages, listen to the conversations and even access the data stored in the device.

The Indian TV channel, during the investigation, found that in the absence of any cyber crime laws Indian companies are even selling such services to their clients.

One of  such people is detective Vibhav Gupta who manages Key Investigation company in New Delhi. The company provides the spying services for Rs25,000 per year.

It also offers an additional package to the interested customers, which allows them to access the classified call detail records (CDRs) of the users. However, they will never hand over the full record to the clients directly, but only provide them details of any suspicious number who is in contact with the person being spied on.

The report said that service providing companies share CDRs spanning details for three months against Rs70,000 only.