Coronavirus death toll crosses 1,000 in China

11:10 AM | 11 Feb, 2020
Coronavirus death toll crosses 1,000 in China

BEIJING - The death toll on Tuesday rose to over 1018 due to Coronavirus epidemic in different provinces of China.

Reports say the number of patients contracted with the fatal disease has climbed to 42,649, causing a fear around the globe.

Around 2500 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in China in last 24 hours.

The epidemic that is believed to have emerged last year in Dec from a market that sold wild game in Hubei’s capital Wuhan.

According to Wuhan based officials there was shortage of beds in the region after building a hospital from scratch and converting it accommodate the thousands of extra patients.

A number of people were ordered to stay at their homes in different parts of the country, so that the epidemic could be controlled.

A number of patients of coronavirus have also been identified in over 26 countries of the world.