The VOOC flash charge makes OPPO F9 the perfect gadget to go back to university with!

01:24 PM | 11 Sep, 2018
The VOOC flash charge makes OPPO F9 the perfect gadget to go back to university with!
OPPO has always been the most youthful and fun smartphone brand with its constant innovations in the selfie camera and design. However, this time around, with the F9, OPPO has come up with something HUGE. Something that outweighs its selfie expertise! Yes! They have come back with THE VOOC Flash Charge technology.

Here’s how it promises to reinvent your time on campus and make your life hassle-free!

Dawn to dusk, and beyond!

We speak on behalf of a large majority of the youth when we say this, “low battery” sign on your phone is difficult to take in. It hurts more than the time when you realize your last remaining ‘absence’ will be lost just because you left late from home trying to get your phone’s battery “charged enough” to last a day.

Here’s where OPPOF9 differs. It doesn’t ditch. AND it understands the value of time, thus introducing the VOOC Flash Charge. To put it in a nutshell, 5 minutes of charge will give you a 2-hour continuous talk-time. The immaculate safety of this VOOC charging technology that has been trusted by 90 Million users around the world has been crafted to give you a worry-free experience. Amazing right? So, even if you’re in a hurry, a miniscule amount of time with the charging socket will give your phone enough juice to last the long day at the university with utter ease! And maybe you’ll get to reach there on time too!

Fashion Guru

You’re back at the university after a while and everybody is trying to make a good impression with their revamped style statement. Being a fashionista won’t be enough this time! You need to go a little further with your look, do something that goes beyond the clichéd attire-alterations!

Flash the crowd-puller—OPPO F9! The epic gradient design of this phone accompanied by the ever-appealing Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue colors of this phone will crown you your impending status of a fashion guru at your university!

In-class entertainment

Going to the university is no excuse for missing your favorite matches. And watching a match on a truly vibrant display with the Industries 1st Water Drop screen elevates the overall experience, wherever you are! The notch is shaped like and is just as tiny a water drop to give a 90.8% Screen to body Ratio, so trust us when we say, you’ve never experienced a screen like this before!

OPPO F9 brings an FHD+ 6.3” display to ensure that you don’t just watch the action live, but actually, enjoy watching it! This phone is designed to offer you entertainment on the go!

Price and Availability

The phone is out in the market now in two high-performance variants. The base version with 4GB ram starts at PKR 39,999, while the higher-end 6GB ram comes at an affordable price of PKR 44,999!

All in all, OPPO F9 boasts brilliance in each and every aspect you can possibly think of, thus altering the way you spend your time at campus! One thing’s for sure, boredom will not strike this semester at the university, provided you carry the astoundingly amazing OPPO F9 with you!

Go get yours from your nearest mobile shop now, and strike it boldly the next time you enter the university premises.