Instagram user issues rape threat to female TV anchor over raising voice for women

07:22 PM | 11 Sep, 2020
Instagram user issues rape threat to female TV anchor over raising voice for women

LAHORE – The recent horrific gang-rape incident on a highway in Punjab has exposed how the femininity is vulnerable to the society’s sick-minded people and I pray may you never come across such unsound members of the society. 

Such elements not only roam around use but in the digital age they are also found on social media where they spill the rubbish of their filthy minds to hold women responsible if they are raped or subjected to any uncivilized attitude.

A latest instance of this mind-set surfaced when Seemal Irum Hashmi, who works for a local news channel as an anchor, was rebuked by a person – old-school in his approach – after she raised voice for women. 

A debate sparked when Hashmi condemned Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh’s statement that the victim of the motorway gang-rape should have not taken this road in the night for travel. She also shared a video of women protesting against the incident in a unique way. 

Asim Khan, a user of the Instagram, landed on the post and started appreciating the persons, who rape women. He wrote, Bht acha kam krty hein rapist ap logo ka rape kr k really appreciated [the rapists do good job by raping you, I appreciated them.].

He argued that women are raped due not wearing burqa [clad]. Khan, who claims to be a citizen of Khyber Pakhtunhwa on his Instagram, bluntly sent rape threat to the TV anchor, saying: “May you [seemul] be raped next time”.

Instead sharing the grief of those make half of the country over the sad happening when a mother was raped in front of her three children, he held women responsible for what they face from the sick-minded men.