Aamir Khan speaks up against sexual harassment

12:43 PM | 12 Dec, 2017
Aamir Khan speaks up against sexual harassment
NEW DELHI - After the Harvey Weinstein episode in Hollywood and a number of cases of sexual harassment and misconduct arising in the entertainment industry, Aamir Khan took a stand against the violence after the recent molestation of Zaira Wasim. The actor spoke about female empowerment, speaking his mind on the misogynistic patriarchal mindset related to gender issues.

Aamir Khan said, "I think sexual harassment is a very sad thing to happen to anyone, irrespective of what your sex is. Sexual harassment is just not on. I understand that people are free to be romantically involved with whoever they want. But you cannot pressure a person into being with you physically. It happens not only in films but in all walks of life and is very unfortunate."

Aamir continued saying that the issue of sexual misconduct is connected to a larger part of issue: "It is connected to the larger issue. Not only in India but all over the world, (it is) this thinking of patriarchy that men are stronger or are more important that leads to various kind of things. Sexual harassment is one of them."

He said that being an actor, he had a responsibility in putting emphasis on the issue, "Creative people do have a role to play in showcasing men and women in a manner that influences people in the right way. I do believe we have some sort of responsibility in that."