PM Imran inaugurates National Incubation Center Startups

07:17 PM | 12 Feb, 2020
PM Imran inaugurates National Incubation Center Startups

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said with startups playing a key role in economic growth and financial inclusion, the government would facilitate talented entrepreneurs in transforming their innovative ideas into sustainable businesses.

Addressing at a demonstration ceremony of National Incubation Centre Startups at PM House, the prime minister said the objective of startups was to encourage people who wanted to achieve and make progress in life.

The startup programme is in line with the government’s vision of accelerated digitization and transformation of Pakistan into a knowledge-based economy to spur economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said vibrant societies always encouraged its youth to propel, adding that only a government making headway, could dare to promote new ideas.

He said fear of failure prevented the people to take big steps and thus undermined their true potential.

He said behind a successful person was an undeterred struggle based on the concentration, firm determination, ability to overcome challenges and also to rise from ashes.

Imran Khan lauded the initiative to back startups, which he said showed that Pakistan was heading in the right direction as only open minds bred new concepts.