Wasim and I are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing: Shaniera Akram

10:32 AM | 12 Jun, 2020
Wasim and I are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing: Shaniera Akram

With Black Lives Matter protests erupting all across the world in response to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, many celebrities have been vocal about racism and the recent one to join the debate is Shaniera Akram.

The actor recently took to Instagram to share how her relationship with Wasim Akram is a living proof that ethnicity and colour are irrelevant.

The social media personality shared an image of her hand on top of her husband’s  with their wedding rings on display, along with a caption narrating multiple racist comments.


“He only married her because she’s white. She must be easy! Does his skin smell different? Why couldn’t he marry a Brown girl? It’s not natural for two skin colours to mix!”

The post continued, “Interracial relationships never work. What spell did she put on him? He will never take you seriously because you’re white. You’re both so different. You will never be accepted as a real couple. His sons can’t have a gori stepmother. If you have children they will grow up confused and treated differently.”

After mentioning these unwanted remarks Shaniera said, “We have had it on both sides, it’s ugly and unwarranted! Skin colour only troubles the people in this world who see it. Like millions of others, We are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing, love does.”

Previously, Shaniera had also shut down a ghastly troll on her Twitter thread – bashing her for being white.

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