Adnan Malik announces break from Instagram

11:32 AM | 12 May, 2020
Adnan Malik announces break from Instagram

Seeking solace is much needed these days. And for some celebrities, the perfect way to find peace is to take a hiatus from cyberspace as the news of worlds grim turning and clickbait headlines gear towards creating chaos.

It's all too easy to lose sense of reality when scrolling through our social media because of the illusion our never-ending feeds create.

Actor Adnan Malik shared late on Monday that he will be taking a break from social media, as per his Insta post.

The Cake star explained that even though he’s a big Instagram fan, he’s ditching the platform because it’s become an addiction and we all can definitely relate.

“As much as I love Insta, it can also feel like an addiction at times. So in the spirit of detachment, it’s time to take a break. Stay safe Insta fam,” read the caption.

Previously, Maya Ali and Mahira Khan also took a break from social media as bad news of the deteriorating condition of the world became too much for them to handle.

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