Comedian Junaid Akram vehemently denies sexual harassment allegations

01:05 PM | 12 Oct, 2018
Comedian Junaid Akram vehemently denies sexual harassment allegations
KARACHI - The #metoo movement is boomed in Pakistan also, Including many the social media celebrity and stand-up comedian Junaid Akram has been accused of sexually harassing his female fans while he has categorically denied these claims.

It all started when the acclaimed TV host Rabia Anum gave a  hint about Akram’s alleged sexual misconduct without naming him in a tweet. Soon after her Twitter thread, many users identified the described harasser as Akram claiming that his conduct has been known to be polluted among girls for a long time.

While Junaid Akram reacted to the accusations while mentioning it on social media, He denied all claims of sexual harassment against him. Akram maintained that he has not harassed anyone and all such claims are false. “I am currently consulting my legal team to take action within the parameters of the law, against all those who have made or furthered these allegations,” he said.

Akram went on to say, “My marital status is public information. I have spoken about it in my Facebook and YouTube videos.”

Meanwhile, news anchor Rana Anum had also tweeted that “several young girls are speaking out against the sexual harassment attempts by a known social media guy and comedian,” while several people on Twitter pointed their fingers at the comedian.

#Metoo is getting difficult to handle all over the world. What are your thoughts on this?