Lockdown effects: Pulses prices shoot up across Pakistan

10:43 AM | 13 Apr, 2020
Lockdown effects: Pulses prices shoot up across Pakistan

KARACHI - Prices of daals have increased across Pakistan on the higher public demands and secondly, profiteers also started taking advantage of the country-wide lockdown.

In Lahore, daal moong is selling for Rs300 a kilo. It was previously sold for Rs200 per kilogramme. Daal maash is Rs50 more expensive and costs Rs180 while daal masoor is selling for Rs170.

Similarly, daal prices have risen by Rs10 to Rs40 in Islamabad. Daal moong is now selling for Rs280 from Rs240 while daal masoor is Rs23 more expensive, daal maash Rs15 and daal channa Rs10.

Whereas, in Karachi, prices also rose by Rs40 to Rs80 per kilogramme. Daal moong is selling for Rs280, a Rs70 jump from its pre-lockdown price of Rs210. Daal masoor is selling for Rs175 instead of Rs96 and daal channa for Rs165 from Rs127.

Daal now costs almost as much as chicken.

Peshawar saw daal maash selling for Rs250 from an original price of Rs180. Daals masoor and channa are being sold for Rs160 and Rs170 respectively.

Quetta observed the lowest increase in the prices of daal, as a rise of Rs10 to Rs20 was recorded.