Tom Hanks hosts 'Saturday Night Live' from home after coronavirus recovery

01:37 PM | 13 Apr, 2020
Tom Hanks hosts 'Saturday Night Live' from home after coronavirus recovery

LOS ANGELES - Acclaimed Hollywood star Tom Hanks has returned to screens everywhere while hosting 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time after recovering from coronavirus.  Tom Hanks joined the cast of 'SNL' to host the first at-home episode of the hilarious sketch show, lightening the mood during the coronavirus crisis.

The comedy cast came together on Zoom to record the show from their houses due to the coronavirus lockdown. Trying to maintain some regularity in the episode, SNL was hosted by legendary actor Tom, 63, and featured music from Coldplay's Chris Martin.

During the episode, the camera panned across Tom's kitchen to where the actor stood dressed in a suit.

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“It is good to be here, though it also very weird to be here hosting Saturday Night Live at home,” Hanks said, speaking from his kitchen. “It is a strange time to try and be funny, but trying to be funny is SNL’s whole thing.”

Saturday Night Live aired its first episode Saturday since it suspended production in mid-March because of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, featuring cast members performing skits from home and hosted by none other than Tom Hanks.

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Hanks was one of the first celebrities to test positive for COVID-19, and he documented his quarantine and recovery for fans.