Nadia Jamil demands justice for Zohra Shah

01:33 PM | 13 Jun, 2020
Nadia Jamil demands justice for Zohra Shah

Actor Nadia Jamil, who never stands back when it comes to raising her voice against issues such as child abuse, is once again at the forefront of the battle.

The Behad actor took to Twitter to demand justice for Zohra Shah – a young girl who was brutally murdered by her employers for setting a bird free.

Questioning the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, Nadia wrote, “Why are there still children working for paid labour in Pakistan? Imran Khan, I voted for Riyasate Madina. I voted for a promise of child protection.”

She continued, “As a child worker myself I will not lose hope! I have been asking to be heard for years. There are simple steps we can take to reach our goal!”

She also highlighted the need to establish a better system that can bring an end to such barbarity. “Child protection can always be better in all countries, because there will be flawed, cruel people no matter what we do, who manage to hurt children,” said Nadia

“But we should still have a system in place that children can rely on to protect them in all ways. Let it not be a hopeless situation! Speak!” she added, concluding her statement.

The inhumane killing of Zohra Shah left many celebrities shocked and grieving. Ushnah Shah, Osman Khalid But and others came together on social media to demand justice for the little girl.

Jamil is currently undergoing treatment for cancer abroad.

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