Our favorite Mother’s Day tweets by celebrities

10:51 PM | 13 May, 2018
Our favorite Mother’s Day tweets by celebrities
Everyday must be celebrated for our unsung heroes and mentors. Our mother’s have worked hard day and night to keep us healthy, happy and warm! From cooking delicious meals to comforting us on our bad days. She is the woman who is not only our mother but a strong individual who has saved us from a thousand problems so we can be safe and sound away from the cruelties of the world.

Warm hugs from mom can be a perfect solution for you every problem. She can prove to be our therapist,Doctor,chef, stylist and more. Doing all this for free, she deserves to be celebrated with love and care. To all the mothers and mothers to be a very Happy Mother’s Day.

We bring you our favorite mother’s day tweets from celebrities:

Tupac with perfect tweet and a song to pair it with:


A heartfelt tweet with a throwback picture from one and only Michelle Obama:

Simple, pure and warm from Reese:

‘You are my first love mama”- Viola Davis:

Miley wishing her mama a happy birthday and mother’s day with cutest pictures ever!

Happy mother’s day to all:

This cutie with a cute tweet: