#MeToo: Hollywood holds a march in the wake of sexual misconduct scandals

03:18 PM | 13 Nov, 2017
#MeToo: Hollywood holds a march in the wake of sexual misconduct scandals

LOS ANGELES - In the wake of increasing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by the victims, thousands of people marched in Los Angeles in hopes of increasing awareness on the issue. The march was inspired by the #MeToo campaign on social media that encouraged the victims of sexual harassment and assault to come forward and feel supported.

The creator of #MeToo campaign, Tarana Burke started the anti-sexual abuse campaign around 10 years ago. Later on Alyssa Milano posted about it on Twitter just about a month ago. Within a few hours of Alyssa's tweet, #metoo with stories of sexual assault and harassment was all over social media platforms. It was reported that on Facebook alone it has more than 12 million posts and reactions in the first 24 hours.

Tarana Burke spoke at the campaign, "I don’t want to spend a moment of my time calling names of folks who don’t deserve breath with me. This day is not for them. This day is for us. The origins of Me Too are rooted deep in the most marginalized communities — in school cafeterias and church basements that provided safe spaces for black and brown girls forgotten and dismissed by those who have resources to help them."

Recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and others have been a shocking revelation about the couch casting trend in Hollywood.

Continuing, Burke said, "For every Harvey Weinstein, there’s a hundred more men in the neighbourhood who are doing the exact same thing. The conversation around harassment in Hollywood will broaden to include other industries if we force it to. It’s not going to do it on its own."

"What we're seeing, at least for now, is a unity of survivors, a community of survivors that have grown out of this #MeToo viral moment, that I'm just hoping and praying that we can sustain," said Ms. Burke.

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