Ali Noor's VLOGS: Why our ROCK gods deserve that extra ounce of love

03:56 PM | 14 Jul, 2017
Ali Noor's VLOGS: Why our ROCK gods deserve that extra ounce of love
Ali Noor of Noori the band, perhaps one of the most loved and respected ROCK artists EVER in the history of Pakistan, is feeling emotionally vulnerable & disconnected with his fans, and here's why.

In a recent VLOG confession, he stated that he not only feels lonely in trying to connect to the masses, but also that he has been doing everything himself for a very long time, and is tired now.

By everything he meant: from handling the sound at concerts, to coming up with new ideas, songs, compositions, playing the guitars at his own concerts, and even handling the criticism by people on social media in the aftermath of events.

Recently, he assembled a ‘choorian and mehendi’ stall in the heart of Model Town, at Bank Square.

Ali Noor was able to connect with his fans, and everyone had a wonderful time singing alongside the artist, getting his autograph, selfies taken, and having light conversations with him.

However, is this the Ali Noor we’ve all been used to seeing?

Definitely not.

But why has he been trying SO HARD to connect with us, when he doesn’t have to? When all we’ve wanted from him is his music, and that is EXACTLY how we connect so well with him.

The lyrics he writes, the way he tells his stories, the way he has taught us lessons and shared his experiences, we all know what he is and we love him for it.

Ali Noor, THANKYOU for giving us ‘Manwa Re’, ‘Meray Log’, ‘Saari Raat’, and ‘Aik Tha Badshah’; we already know who you are and there’s no need to call out to those who cannot see the efforts and amazing-ness you have to offer!

We are actually addicted to seeing your VLOGS, as they are real and don’t have an ounce of falseness attached to them. Love seeing the simple life you live, even after being blessed with so much fame and love from all over the world.

Apart from that, a message for music listeners from us (especially Pakistani audience):

Appreciate all genres of music. These artists are our asset, and we need art to survive in this politically unstable country. Art is what connects us to people; it is what tells our story to inspire, to create, and to motivate.

Artists are extra-ordinary people, and because they are EXTRA-ordinary, they need that EXTRA amount of love.

Watch Ali Noor’s VLOGS and discover what his journey has been about.

We really hope that he carries out the message of BIY to masses (Believe In Yourself), and we cannot wait for him to start something and involve artists all over Pakistan.

Ali Noor, we believe in you!