Sana Bucha slams haters who lashed out on her picture with Shahid Afridi

12:54 PM | 14 Jun, 2017
Sana Bucha slams haters who lashed out on her picture with Shahid Afridi
Anchor turned actor Sana Bucha recently hosted an amazing Suhoor bash where all the known faces of Pakistani entertainment industry were invited. Among all celebrities and renowned names was also the cricket heart-throb of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi.

Soon after the Suhoor celebration was over, Shahid Afridi took to Twitter to thank Sana Bucha for the very generous invitation and an opportunity to interact with all the other celebrities.

Afridi had just posted this status on the microblogging platform when people all over the country used this occasion to poke fun at his use of word 'sister' to address the actress on social media. While some took it in good fun and pointed out to the fact that Bucha has been behen-zoned, others found humor in pointing out how Afridi seemed uncomfortable among the horde of women.  

In an atmosphere of muddled thinking, some people even went so far as calling Shahid Afridi a hypocrite and extremist for enjoying the Sehri amongst the celebrities, while his wife is never seen anywhere without parda. The same Twitter fanatics also did not leave Sana alone, bashing her for standing so close to the cricketer, making him uneasy and awkward.

However, finally, after all the hate and the mixed comments, Bucha took to her Twitter account to shut down all the haters.

Did a casual Suhoor celebration turn into too much of a huge and unwanted conspiracy? What do you think!