Ayyan Ali slams Imran Khan over money laundering allegations

08:28 PM | 14 May, 2022
Ayyan Ali slams Imran Khan over money laundering allegations
Source: Ayyan Ali / Imran Khan (Instagram)

Model Ayyan Ali has slammed former prime minister Imran Khan for bringing up a money laundering case she was named in, during his speech at a recent PTI rally.

Losing her cool, she called him "a liar" who used her name to up his TV ratings and stay relevant, promising to expose him.

The PTI chairman held a rally in Attock on May 12. During his speech, he spoke of a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officer, Dr Muhammad Rizwan, praising him for standing up to the "mafia". His speech progressed to talk of investigation officers getting killed and that's when he brought up Ali's now-closed case, claiming her officer had met the same fate.

Responding to him, the model posted a 12-tweet thread lashing out at Khan. She called his statements "false accusations" used to up his TV ratings because he couldn't do that on his "accomplishments" alone. 

"Two habits you will not quit until your last breath — first, gaining TRP using my name (because earning and eating on your own is not your nature). Second, lying (because you haven't learnt speaking the truth). You remained prime minister for four years, even then your speech is incomplete without casting false accusations at me. Just as it was before," she wrote.

"Even today you need me to stay relevant. It is a damming indictment of your rule. If your own accomplishments could speak for themselves, they would — you shouldn't be lying, using my name at this old age. You were prime minister for four years, even during that period I was acquitted in false cases because I was truthful and you were and are a liar," she added, attaching a screenshot of an article discussing her winning the 'fake' money laundering case. 

"Additionally, every person named in the court document is alive, perhaps you can't read it because of your third division or your addiction. This is why you narrate Alif Laila's stories. The man who was killed was Inspector Aijaz [may Allah forgive him]. There is no relevance to my case at all. This was proved in the high court."

The model said she fought the case in several courts — the sessions court, anti-terrorism court, the high court and the Supreme Court — everywhere her innocence was proven and the Supreme Court acquitted her in the case.

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