Want the secrets to looking like a MODEL? Here's a list

05:19 PM | 14 Oct, 2016
Want the secrets to looking like a MODEL? Here's a list
Everyone has to agree that models have amazing good looks and a confident presence that lures people to them. However, looking as good as them requires A LOT of time and effort. 

Models maintain a healthy body weight, keep their skin and hair looking perfect, and have white teeth!

Choosing fashionable clothes and shoes everyday may seem like a task for others, but for models, that's everyday life.


Here are a few secrets to looking (and feeling) as good as models do!

Having your own signature style and presence:

Models have their own style, which makes them appear unique and sets them apart from others. Consider having your own fashion statement, which makes your presence felt at events and gatherings. Also have a charming personality (learn how to talk respectfully and knowledgeably) and be able to hold a conversation.

They know about fashion and designers:

Models tend to know alot about what's in and what's not. For having a complete update on fashion and trends every season, skim through different magazines and newspapers and keep up with the socialites and trend-setters/fashion bloggers.

Choose clothes that fit your lifestyle:

It isn't necessary to wear something that doesn't suit you or feels uncomfortable in. Find something suitable and comfortable that brings out the real you, and keep onto it!


Wear shoes that make sense with your clothes:

Shoes are an integral part of your overall look, so make sure you have shoes to FIT every occasion! For parties, go for heels and more formal boots. For casuals, flip flops and sandals will do. Have a pair for morning get togethers, lunch get togethers and dinners.

Get out and be seen:

Socialites and fashion bloggers are seen alot and snapped (pictured) alot, which is a reason why people tend to know them. Go out and be seen, so that people are aware of your existence.


Carry yourself with confidence:

Be confident about yourself, that is the MOST important factor in appearing model-like. If you are not comfortable in your skin, there's no point in wanting to become a model, or feel like one.

Practice your model walk:

Have a nice, comfortable walk as a model. Do not slouch while sitting on a chair, and stand straight with your shoulders back. Good posture affects the way you feel, too.

Keep your nails well groomed:

Models always make sure their hands and feet look clean; who wants to see unhygienic hands and feet? It's untidy and looks messy. Make sure you keep moisturizer and a nail filer with you wherever you go, so you can fix your nails anywhere, anytime. Get regular manicures and pedicures too!

Moisturize your skin daily:

Moisturizing skin is really important to have healthy and less ageing skin. While it is essential that you eat healthy on the inside, it is just as important to keep your skin hydrated on the outside. Use lotion or sunscreen when stepping out of the house, and before fixing some makeup on your face.

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Eat healthy:

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables is a much better health plan than starving yourself to look like a model. Eating disorders are fairly common in models and it is advised that you check with your local nutritionist while going through a diet change. Focusing on eating healthy is a much better plan than starving and getting unhealthy.

Wear makeup that brings out your best features:

You don't have to wear too much makeup everyday. However, choose a light foundation and some eye liner that suits your everyday needs. The requirement on a daily basis should be some lotion, base and a hint of lip colour and eye liner. You don't need to cake on makeup everyday, unless you have to be on TV!

Take good care of your hair:

Trim your hair on a monthly basis, and get rid of the split ends. Go through magazines at salons to see what kind of haircut would best frame your face.

Drink plenty of water for glowing skin:

Drinking lots and lots of water is essential to keep skin hydrated and glowing. For best results, opt to get rid of all junk food and fizzy drinks, and go for water with every meal, and whenever you're thirsty. The results will be obvious in less than 15 days!

Consider whitening your teeth:

Models flash smiles on a daily basis, and they have beautiful teeth! Make sure you visit your dentist every six months, and get the necessary deeds done to keep your teeth healthy and in good shape. Consider getting teeth-whitening done from your local dentist if you have yellow or discoloured teeth.

Relax daily:

Hectic routines in our times have become the basis of tiredness and fatigue. Make sure you have time for some yoga or meditation on a daily basis. Keep a specific time where you vow to switch off your mobile devices and other forms of technology, and get into the habit of relaxing your body and mind.

Here you go, everyone! These are the basic secrets of models, and how they keep themselves fabulous all the time.