'Stranger Things' Season 2 Trailer is all things strange

10:31 AM | 14 Oct, 2017
'Stranger Things' Season 2 Trailer is all things strange
On Friday the 13th, Netflix appropriately released the new and final trailer for the second season of all things strange -  Stranger Things.

The trailer follows up from the first season's finale  as we witness the fall of 1984 where Eleven is 'Walkin’ In Hawkins' woods to retrieve waffles that Hopper left for her and a quick sequence to Will seeing things and everybody realizing that his traumatic experience in the 'Upside Down' is still haunting him.


From the looks of it, the second season of Stranger Things has taken a darker turn. The monsters are definitely bigger, the kids are have grown up and are more intense, and Joyce is more frantic than ever. Netflix has said it will generate more than 1,000 hours of “premium original programming” this year, compared to 600 hours last year.

Stranger Things will begin streaming on October 27th.


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