Amna Ilyas slammed for fat-shaming former model Aminah Haq

11:05 AM | 14 Oct, 2020

Supermodel Amna Ilyas has never shied away from raising her voice against colorism and body-shaming.

In a recent tweet, the model talked about banning fairness creams and her disappointment at fellow celebs who continue to promote whitewashing solutions.

She stressed upon the fact that celebrities need to use their influence and platforms to send out the correct messages.

The Baaji actor even posted several videos on Instagram to highlight the seriousness of the issue.

However, now, Ilyas is facing immense backlash for her stance and rightfully so.

A video from a TV talk show that aired a few years ago has gone viral on the internet as it shows Ilyas hinting at former model Aminah Haq’s apparent weight gain.

Netizens are calling out the actor for her hypocrisy and are furious at Ilyas for taking a jibe at Haq’s appearance.

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