Railway line ‘cut on purpose to derail passenger train’ near Multan

09:11 PM | 15 Jul, 2019
Railway line ‘cut on purpose to derail passenger train’ near Multan

MULTAN – The Thal Express from Multan to Rawalpindi was stopped abruptly over the weekend when locals spotted damaged railway lines.

The Thal Express was on its way to Rawalpindi, however, it was stopped after the railway tracks were found cut; some of the social media users claimed that the tracks were intentionally de-shaped “so that the government could be blamed and (Railways Minister) Sheikh Rasheed defamed”.

The pictures, circulating on the internet, show the railway tracks which could have led to another collision, although some are of the opinion that it was due to stress instead of well-planned sabotage.


Railways Minister, Sheikh Rasheed also retweeted posts claiming that the tracks were intentionally cut as a conspiracy, giving credence to the perception on social media.

The pictures came days after a passenger ' Sadiqabad train' collided with a freight train leaving at least 24 people dead with political commentators pinning blame on the minister and seeking his resignation.

Thal Express operates between Rawalpindi and Multan. Pakistan Railway had suspended the train service in 2008 due to financial losses and the shortage of locomotives, however, Prime Minister Imran Khan had resumed the service in February this year.