Mehwish Hayat thanked her “Gangster Guriya” background dancers and the moral brigade is enraged

03:04 PM | 16 Jul, 2019
Mehwish Hayat thanked her “Gangster Guriya” background dancers and the moral brigade is enraged

LAHORE-  Recently, Mehwish Hayat’s new item song, Gangster Guriya, stirred up numerous controversies and here's another one.

Recently, the ‘gangster guriya’ herself took to Instagram to appreciate her fellow artists for their dedication to her project. She shared a BTS shot from the song, looking strikingly beautiful in a yellow dress, and is posing with five of her colleagues, who are present without shirts behind the camera during what seems like the shoot.

The actress says that she admires the ‘braveness and fortitude’ of her team, who suffered through the cold for a shoot all night. She stated how audiences never know the struggle and hard work that goes into providing entertainment for them.

“One has to admire the braveness and fortitude of these guys. It was a freezing evening shoot and my hunky supporting artistes took it all in their stride when asked to whip off their shirts for these shots. I felt so sorry for each of them – they were literally shaking with [the] cold all night. The audiences will never know what we have to endure in the pursuit of their entertainment. ”

As soon as the post was put up, people quick to troll Mehwish and the moral brigade found yet another opportunity to lash out.



Regardless of what an actor chooses to do in his or her professional life, humiliating and degrading a professional with incredibly offensive and nasty terms is unacceptable. All these trolls standing there with their moral brigade really need to back off. If you feel you need to put a personal label on what you think about others, why don’t you start with yours?

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