I request everyone to not shake hands: Shehzad Roy

02:56 PM | 16 Mar, 2020
I request everyone to not shake hands: Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy has something to say and it’s serious.

While the coronavirus pandemic is worsening by the day, it seems like Pakistanis are taking the instruction of social distancing super casually!

The former singer took to his Instagram to knock some sense into people about taking preventive measure.


"I got the opportunity today to go to CM House, Sindh and meet the task force assigned to deal with coronavirus. I was very happy to see how serious the government is and it really is a serious situation," he said.

He further went on to say: “I just want to make a request everyone, if someone wants to shake your hand, don't do it, even if they feel insulted. Don't congregate, for weddings or religious reasons. On my way, I could see that everyone was at Sea View beach like it's New Year's or a holiday, people were celebrating. We need to behave like ashraful makhlookat, this is a very dangerous situation. We don't want to panic but we also need to save each other; we don't want things to get so bad that we need to go on lockdown."

He concluded: "Lets practice social distancing and try to infect the least number of people; don't leave the house unnecessarily."

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