VIDEO — Japanese scientists create robotic 'girlfriend hand' for lonely people

03:30 PM | 16 Nov, 2020
VIDEO — Japanese scientists create robotic 'girlfriend hand' for lonely people

TOKYO – Researchers of Gifu University of Japan develops a robotic hand-coated with soft and warm pliable gel to feel more like human skin and its response back by squeezing your hand back.

The prototype shows swivel back and forth, replicating the actual human hand's movement when walking.

Few things in life provide that special mixture of calm reassurance and energizing warmth like going for a long walk hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. The group of engineering researchers from Japan’s Gifu University point out that it’s hard for some people, to find a girlfriend.

At first glance, it might just look like a glove or dummy forearm. Those wouldn’t provide your senses of touch, sound, and even smell with the enjoyable sensations of walking with a girlfriend, though, and so the Osampo Kanojo has no less than seven key design points.

The creators named the product as "Osampo Kanojo," with the literal English translation of "My Girlfriend in Walk" that shows only a cybernetic hand that gives a lasting girlfriend experience. The Japanese "girlfriend hand" would attach to one's forearm that has an area so that it can swivel or move while walking.