AGS technology comes to Suzuki Alto VXR

07:12 PM | 16 Sep, 2022
AGS technology comes to Suzuki Alto VXR

The current model of Alto was launched in 2019. And it was an instant hit with its customer base. It has since sold over a million units and has been the top-selling car in Pakistan consistently.

Despite all that success, Suzuki has now made a slight upgrade to the car, and a very smart one in fact. The middle variant, the alto VXR which came without some of the premium features available in the top-line VXL variant, has now been equipped with the AGS technology, allowing greater choice to consumers. There are now 4 variants altogether of the top-selling car. 

For the ones not aware of the AGS technology, AGS (Automatic Gear Shift) is a technology that takes away the need to manually switch gears by placing a motor that automatically shifts it for you, giving an almost automatic transmission experience. This technology adds comfort to driving as there is less work to do while you are on the move.

Furthermore, AGS makes the drive extremely fuel-efficient, unlike the traditional CVT or auto transmissions. Comfort, fuel-efficiency, and competitive pricing are some of the most coveted solutions the car buyer seeks in the market today. And taking forward its legacy, Suzuki has yet again come up with a smart and affordable mobility solution for the Pakistani market.